Gift Guide: Two Year Old Girl

It’s official, the holiday season is upon us. Despite what the weather says (hello highs near the 80s!) Thanksgiving is almost here, which means Black Friday and Cyber Monday are also right around the corner. And right behind is Christmas and all the parties and dinners that are involved. Also on our list of celebrations at this time of year is Alex’s completion of his Master’s Degree!

With all of these holidays and events so near, I am trying to get on top of our Christmas wish lists. Like mother like daughter because yesterday my mom called wanting ideas for the girls’ Christmas gifts. I put together this little wish list here to help our family and friends shop for Eleanor and Ruthie but I think you might find it useful if you are shopping for that little girl in your life. So without further ado, Ruthie’s Christmas Wish List (if she could write one).

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(In no particular order)

1.Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Musical Dancing Palace

Thank you big sisters everywhere for introducing the tiniest girls to the princess craze. Ruthie knows all the Disney princesses by names so this Little People castle would provide her favorite characters in shapes that are age appropriate.

2. KidKraft Noah’s Ark Shape Sorter

I am a sucker for wooden toys. Particularly ones that help kids learn and if you throw in the religious edge you’ve got me. Thus this. I just love this toy and I think Ruthie would too!

3. Eleanor Rose dresses

Am I beating a dead horse (why such an awful saying!!)? I love Eleanor Rose. Enough said. Except that Ruthie is currently in size 2. TIA (winky face)

4. Skip Hop Zoo Toddler Backpack

Eleanor has the giraffe style and Ruthie is so jealous. We have chosen the bumble bee style for Ruthie and I am certain she will be ecstatic to have her very own backpack and be just as cool as big sis!

5.Personalized Wooden Name Puzzle Stool

There is a theme in this list. Buy Ruthie everything Eleanor already has. Maybe if Ruthie has her very own name stool there will be many less fights in our home (fingers crossed). This stool has been one of Eleanor’s all time favorite items. I attribute her ability to spelling her name at two year’s old to this stool. This is a must on Ruthie’s Christmas list!

6.Kid Kraft Doll Cradle and high chair

Ruthie loves playing mommy to her baby dolls. She can often be found reading a book to a doll or cradling one in her arms with a blanket wrapped around it. She would be eager to put the dolls to bed and feed them in the high chair if she had these accessories.

7.Toddler Swing

The girls are getting a giant swing set from Alex and me for Christmas but we are missing a few accessories including this swing for Ruthie. She will be sure to love hours and hours of swinging in this swing!

8.Disney® Mickey Mouse “My First Books” 

Ruthie’s current favorite is Mickey Mouse. She walks around the house exclaiming “Mouse, mouse, mouse” all day long. She loves watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and all the Christmas movies on Netflix. A few new board books with her favorite character on it would be a great gift for Christmas!

What would you add to this list? What toys were your daughter’s favorite at this age?

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