Tea Party Birthday

This party post is long overdue! Eleanor has been four for almost an entire month now, so without further ado…let’s take a look back and celebrate her big birthday!


With the help of my friends at Epoch Notable Events we put on the perfect Tea Party for all of Eleanor’s friends. This was the first “kid party” I have thrown and it was a complete success. I had so much fun and I think Eleanor did too!



As Eleanor’s friends arrived we put them straight to work on their craft. I ordered these adorable chunky bead necklaces from Oriental Trading Company. The Easter necklaces fit our theme perfectly and were on sale (still are!) We had one for each girl and with the help of their parents and Alex and me they used the beads to make their own unique necklaces.


I was actually really nervous about this craft. I had visions of beads flying everywhere and crying children fighting over colors. But the scene above accurately shows just how smoothly it went. Eleanor has a handful of friends that are a few years older than her and they easily strung the beads on the string while the younger girls needed just a little assistance with the smaller beads. I walked around and taped the edges of string down as the girls finished and went behind them and attached the clasps after they were all finished. The finished product was that each girl had a beautiful beaded necklace to take home with her.


After the group photo we led the girls back inside for food and drinks.


We served a variety of tea party treats including Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches, fairy bites, fairy bread, fruit fairy wands, cookies and princess popcorn. We served hot chocolate in their mugs and handed out juice boxes.


For the adults we had an assortment of treats including deviled eggs, scones, cucumber sandwiches and cookies.


Julie picked up this cute book from the library and suggested reading while the girls were eating and it was the perfect filler since some finished before others.


Then it was time for cake.


These adorable princess cakes are from Ikea and absolutely delightful. While the girls didn’t all enjoy the marzipan top, I gobbled up at least two! My girls also gobbled them up.


After cake we let Eleanor open her gifts. She was excited to receive a couple Disney princess dolls, books, an umbrella, Rapunzel lanterns, coloring books and her own tea set.

Once the gifts were done the girls ran around outside and played. The weather was beautiful and we had about 20 minutes before the party wrapped up. Eleanor kept sneaking off into the dining room to color on her own.


I had so much fun hosting Eleanor’s tea party. Because of Julie, Denise and Shannon I was able to focus more on Eleanor and her friends and stress less about the party details. I am so lucky to have these three amazing women in my life! They sure love our little family a whole lot!


And in case you are wondering we did allow a few important men to join our pretty tea party including Alex!


I can’t believe my first born is already four (said every mother ever!) But really, she has grown up so much this year. She is such a funny girl who loves to make others smile and laugh. She loves to play jokes and surprise or scare us by sneaking up on us. She is polite and sweet and full of energy and cheer. Her smile never fades. She loves her family fiercely and loves being a big sister. I could go on and on and on about all the wonderful things she is and can do. This kid really is the best!


Happy Birthday sweet child! I can’t wait to see what this next year holds!


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